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Grayscale De-Skew Implementations

A few grayscale de-skew implementations exist in document imaging applications.

Picture Elements, Inc. Custom Designs

Picture Elements has ASIC and board designs modifiable for special-purpose grayscale de-skew applications.

Picture Elements ISE tm Board

The Picture Elements Imaging Subsystem Engine tm (ISE tm) is a PCI bus board which incorporates real-time grayscale de-skew along with grayscale scaling, JPEG, Group 4 and JBIG compression, high-quality thresholding and interfacing to high-performance scanners.

BancTec S-Series Scanners

The BancTec S-Series scanners incorporate grayscale de-skew as a hardware option.

BancTec Check Scanners

The latest generation of BancTec check scanners incorporate grayscale de-skew for lower cost and greater feed reliability.

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