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High Speed Components for High-Quality Document Imaging

Color, Grayscale and the
World's Best Bitonal Images

The Picture Elements scientists and engineers specialize in creating document imaging solutions at the highest end of the image quality spectrum and in techniques for automatically analyzing the quality of document images. PEI also works in the highest speed corner of the market, having produced subsystems capable of 80 images per second (4800 images per minute). Our customers are typically scanner manufacturers and high-end systems integrators. thr2.html thr2.html

THR2 Color or Grayscale Thresholding Board
A Resource for Processing High-Quality Binary Images from Color or Grayscale at High Speed over the PCI bus, more...

New Kodak Color Scanner 4500 ships with Picture Elements ChromaTHR(tm) technology, more...

Kodak, Pixel Translations and Picture Elements team to produce a multiple stream color and bitonal output from ISIS and TWAIN drivers for the 4500 Color Scanner, more...

The 4500 Scanner project won Best of AIIM 2000 for Mid-Range Color Scanners, more...

VST-1000 Thresholding Chip with Despeckling
Found in the Highest Image Quality Document Scanners. This chip is available to scanner manufacturers for integration into their products, for an instant improvement in binary image quality. It is also available to integrators on the ISE Board to allow scanner-independent image processing -- no more image quality problems or re-tuning of OCR engines every time you switch to a new scanner.more...

De-Skewing Documents via Color or Gray Data
The right way to take skew out of document images.

uCR: Micro C/C++ Runtime
An open, lightweight run-time environment for high performance embedded software. Used on the ISE Board, licensed OEMs have a full source-code environment for product extension and customization.

ISE board

The ISE Board
The Imaging Subsystem Engine (ISE) Board is a scanner interface and image processing board for Intelligent Grayscale Scanning. It is available to scanner manufacturers and integrators. It will use grayscale or color, even if you simply want to get the best possible binary image. With the ISE's grayscale, color and binary compression, production-speed scanning is possible, while even using grayscale deskew. Use ISE to get simultaneous gray and VST-1000 quality binary for No Re-Scan Scanning (tm), or to get multiple binary images for OCR Improvement.

CLICK Here for no-scan rescanning
* tm Picture Elements, Inc.

OCR Improvement
New approaches by PEI and our Partners.

Simultaneous Grayscale and Binary Scanning

Multiple Binary Imaging

Edge Thresholding

The Fourth-Generation Thresholding Approach used in the VST-1000 chip makes the highest-quality binary images in the same way the human eye extracts information from a scene. It accurately places edge information and accurately preserves stroke widths. The VST-1000 precisely chisels the finest details, while capturing the fuzzy, broad characters of an airbill carbon copy. See our example and see the book Vision by David Marr for the theory of how human vision works.

Edge thresholding gives better OCR results.

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